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Author Topic: Are You Kidding Me?! Trying to Use Just as a Hardware Controller  (Read 6342 times)


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Are You Kidding Me?! Trying to Use Just as a Hardware Controller
« on: February 28, 2021, 02:01:23 am »
  This will undoubtedly sound ridiculous to anyone who know what they're doing, but is it the case that the Analog Factory Experience MIDI controller will not work with a hardware synth unless it is also connected to the Arturia software? 

  I just want to use it with a Roland Boutique synth, just they synth and the controller, no computer involved.  I can only get it to work when it's connected to the computer.  As soon as I unplug the USB Computer-to-MIDI controller USB cable, the controller basically goes dead.

  This is incredibly bizarre to me and so super disappointing because the controller is PERFECT for me.  I hope I'm doing something wrong.  The synth is set to channel 1, and I set the controller to channel 1 as well using the Arturia MIDI Control Center software.

  I think I need to "Store to Working Memory" in MIDI Control Center in order for the device to work when it's not connected to the computer.  In other words, the config that makes it work when connected to the computer is stored only in the computer at present.  But I can't "Store to Working Memory" in MIDI Control Center because the device is on firmware and apparently is required to complete the Store operation. 

  I've tried the Store operation with MIDI Control Center versions 1.0.0, 1.0.1, 1.1.0 and  No dice.

  So I'm looking for the firmware.  Although it appears the device firmware can only be updated through MIDI Control Center, so this probably won't work.  Does anyone have an idea how to get this thing to work?  This feels like a ridiculous Catch-22.
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