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Author Topic: Midi receive - every midi channel triggers the keylab  (Read 839 times)


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Midi receive - every midi channel triggers the keylab
« on: July 05, 2020, 08:02:47 am »
EDIT: It turns out that the issue is not with the Keylab, but the BeatStep Pro. I posted in the proper forum, but I figured I'd just leave this post up. I took the Keylab out of the equation, and the BeatStep Pro still sends all 3 sequencers as "channel zero" via USB and thus all three send their signal to any software synth I use on my laptop.

Original post:

Hello all! I've been exploring my new Keylab49 MKII and really enjoying it. As I have a decent size setup with multiple synths and other midi controllers, I've been experimenting with different configurations.
Although the MKII is a great controller, I've been using my BeatStep Pro as a master controller for all of my synths - including the master for my Keylab, to then control my software synths on my laptop. Since the BeatStep is sending signal on multiple channels, Keylab is receiving all of these channels - and playing them all at once, including the drum track, play on a single software synth! I have tried and tried and I cannot find a setting that fixes this. Changing the midi channel doesn't accomplish this.
I would think that two Arturia products would be easy to use together, and this seems like something that should be easy to fix. I'm tired of trying to work around the issue - I really want the Keylab to be able to distinguish between the different incoming midi channel signals. What am I missing??
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