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Author Topic: Expose patch cable input parameters to automate connections? Ableton cv tools?  (Read 2062 times)


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Hey there,

So I was digging around a bit and see that in the preset files there are variables that store where patch cables are plugged in.  I was wondering if there would be any way of mapping these via MIDI messages or if there are some sort of way to send a message to the VST containing this information?  I see that each output has a float between 0.0 and 1.0 associated with it so it seems all that would be required is setting a particular input variable to the desired outputs value.

This is probably kind of a strange request but I'm using PureData for a lot of my sequencing and would love to be able to sequence patch cable commands within this VST.  If the input jack parameters could somehow be exposed like the knobs, buttons, etc that would be absolutely amazing and open up some crazy possibilities for automation that wouldn't be possible in the hardware version

Also curious if there are plans to add support for the outputs to utilize something like Ableton's cv tools? Being able to output modulation from this to external modular or vice versa would be phenomenal
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