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Author Topic: Longer Chains needed or a way to Chain Scenes together  (Read 8005 times)


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Re: Longer Chains needed or a way to Chain Scenes together
« Reply #30 on: April 20, 2023, 01:31:24 am »
I need the ability to do repeats on patterns within a chain (play pattern 1 multiple times as a single step, proceed to the next pattern, ect.). I'm a singer-songwriter and I wanted to use this for arranging while I'm playing so I don't have to jump back and forth from my chair to use a DAW to test or improvise a new part in the context of the whole song

Let's remember that the KSP is not intended to be a sequencer/arranger.
It literally says "sequencer" on the housing right under "Keystep Pro"!

This is the difference between whether or not this is a useful piece of hardware for me. I can't chain a basic verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus song with chains this short. And switching to 1/8 notes will limit me to, well, 1/8 notes. This is a 450$ product advertised specifically as a sequencer and I can't make sequences longer than like 2 minutes unless I want to be limited to 1/8 notes or larger? That's insane. How can there be so many hyper-specific little tweakable things but not this basic feature?

I use a drum machine with a basic sequencer and it can do multiples of each pattern per step in the chain. Maybe I'm dumb to have expected this to behave in a similar way, but this seems like a very limiting problem even for electronics musicians. Plus this thing is heralded by people as DAWless. I probably have spent 10 hours researching this thing and trying to learn the basics. I specifically went with the pro model because I wanted chains longer than 8 patterns. Never in a million years would I have guessed that there is no value for pattern repeats in a chain.

Please let me know if anyone is aware of a controller/sequencer that:
- has a piano roll with velocity-sensitive keys that push down
- has a multiple tracks
- has pattern chaining in which patterns can be repeated without occupying multiple steps

I transcribed all the patterns from one my songs from my drum machine to the keystep and just now ran into this problem. Now I have to waste more time reselling it and will probably be out 100 bucks because now it's used.


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