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Author Topic: Control Over Round Robin Assignments for CV Outs  (Read 602 times)


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Control Over Round Robin Assignments for CV Outs
« on: March 02, 2022, 04:14:52 pm »
I believe currently when multiple "output sets" (CV/Gate/Mod) are assigned to one track 1st note always goes to the same outputs then 2nd note the same of one of the other outputs as long as 1st note is "on" when 2nd is sent etc.

Paraphony/Polyphony in the modular/semi-modular world is a BIG deal right now. (For example Moog Matriarch has a number of compelling capabilities in this area) Adding both ordered and random round robin (with/without repeats) options to the current 1st note priority behavior would take the KSP from desirable to must have for many in that space.

Ordered Round Robin:  1st note on goes to first/lowest set of CV outs assigned to given track. 2nd note on always goes to next set of CV outs regardless of whether 1st note is still on. 3rd note on always goes to next set (assuming at least three assigned to track) etc.

Random Round Robin:  Same as ordered round robin above except subsequent note on events go to a random set of CV outs with the option to enable/disable the possibility that the same set is used twice or more in a row.

Such a "Matrix 12" like ability to, for example, hit a single key over and over and cycle through up to 4 CV outs would be simply fantastic.
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