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Author Topic: Minilab Mk2 with Reason 10  (Read 2354 times)

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Minilab Mk2 with Reason 10
« on: March 02, 2020, 02:52:22 am »
I am getting extremely frustrated with this hardware's ability to work with Reason. It has been a very difficult and technical adventure to get "codecs" and "maps" installed, because the instructions provided are very very poor.

Can someone please explain:

1. Why step 4 lists a different file name for the map than what gets downloaded from Arturia's website? (See screenshot.)
2. Why the step to download those files was never mentioned and had to be discovered entirely on the user's initiative? If you're going to mention a list of files downloaded in step 4, then you better include a step which describes how to download those files before referring to them.
3. Why the map referred to is greyed out in the finder window, preventing step 5 from ever taking place? (See screenshot.)

These instructions are bad. They need to be revised.

I appreciate any help with this, because this product is not working with Reason until all of this arcane and obscure instructions are completed.

Finally, the question-and-answers used for determining if someone is a bot are ridiculous -- no one else uses questions like these to do that. This is beyond reason and just makes it harder to use this forum and get answers.


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