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Author Topic: Using BSP as a device to pass notes from DAW to synth connected to BSP via midi  (Read 639 times)


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Hi guys.

I've recently got myself the Erebus, and what a wonderful synth. It doesn't have USB, so I've been trying to use the BSP to bypass this little problem.

The Erebus is set to MIDI Channel 2 and is connected to the BSP via MIDI cable.

DAW (Ableton and FL Studio) both send through USB to the BSP and is both set to MIDI channel 2.

I can easily play notes within the piano roll, but issues arrive once I try to play them back. I'm guessing there's something not set up right on the BSP?

As you can see from the videos:

Ableton: When I play back the notes on the piano roll, the sound goes crazy. Seems like it plays the notes waaaay too fast. Perhaps its a question of BPM? I've tried setting the BSP to both 'internal' and 'USB'. Doesn't seem to matter.

FL Studio: When I play back and try to record, only the first note plays no matter what I do. Only the first note.

What gives??


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