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KeyLab MkII - Technical issues / Vegas Mode no longer works
« Last post by Synthguy1 on June 16, 2023, 03:05:23 pm »
On my Leylab 61 Mk2, I have grown to like the light display that runs when the board is at rest. However, it no longer works except when first turned on. It shows for 1 cycle then nothing.
I have tried using the "Vegas Mode" on/off in the midi control center and disconnection of the USB connection. Nothing has worked. 
For a monophonic synth such as the MatrixBrute, the oscillators will simply be set to the pitch of the new note at t=2 and the envelopes will be triggered again.

For polyphonic synths, the most common method is the "round robin" voice assignment where each incoming "note on" command will use the next available voice. So for for a 4 voice poly synth we get:

t=1 => voice 1 plays
t=2 => voice 2 plays
t=3 => voice 3 plays
t=4 => voice 4 plays
t=5 => voice 1 plays as the assignment goes around again

If the note for t=1 and t=2 is the same, say C4, voices 1 and 2 will play the same C4. If there is some release time for the VCA envelope, both voices will indeed be heard playing a C4, there may be a slight volume increase as the two voices add up, you'll get some phasing and so on.

There are also other voice assignment schemes than "round robin". E.g. in the PolyBrute you can select "reassign" which will reuse a voice if the same note is received. That is if a "note on" with C4 is received at t=1 and another C4 "note on" is received at t=2, the same voice that was sounding at t=1 will sopund again at t=2. If different notes are received at t=1 and t=2, the "reassign" mode will use the "round robin" method and assign voices 1 and 2. This is how a an acoustic instrument would work and this can be said to be a more "natural" assignment method. It also "eats up" less of your polyphony whichleads to less cut off notes if the same note is played many times. Here's an example of voice assignments in the "reassign" mode:

t=1 C4 => voice 1 plays C4
t=2 C4 => voice 1 restarts and plays C4 again
t=3 D4 => voice 2 plays D4
t=4 E4 => voice 3 plays E4
t=5 E4 => voice 3 restarts and plays E4 again
t=6 F4 => voice 4 plays F4
t=7 G4 => voice 1 plays G4 as the assignment goes around again

You can have a look at the PolyBrute manual, chapter "5.11. Voice allocation modes" to see an example of different voice allocation modes, and also voice stealing modes.
Analog Lab V / Importing samples
« Last post by mvgessel on June 16, 2023, 11:44:29 am »
Is it possible to import a sample into analog lab v? like an mp3 file? i dont want to switch applications, because live thats not do-able.

or is there anotherway to do this with another arturia product or maybe the pads on my keylab essential 49?

Thanks in advance.
Thanks LBH. I contacted support and they kindly pointed out that I overlooked the MIDI settings under the menu at the top left in the standalone programs
and assumed the one at the top right (the settings gear) was the only one. Once I set it up in that top left menu it worked.

In other words I am a dolt!

Sound like you have'nt set up your Audio Midi settings in your standalone applications. You can open the settings through the applications main menu in the top left of the applications.

You shall choose controllers to control the applications there. The one you have set is only about midi CC, not that the application accept input from your controller.
Also you shall choose soundcard and settings in the panel to hear anything. The applications need to know where to output to.

I hope this helps.

this question is not only about MatrixBrute, but more general about any polyphonic synthesizer controlled by MIDI commands.
Let's assume the synthesizer is set to a very long release time, for example 10 seconds.
At t=0 a "note on" command is sent and at t=1 a "note off" command. That means the sound would end at t=11.
What happens if at t=2 another "note on" command is sent for the same note?
Is the first note abandoned and the same oscillator is used for the new note?
Or is another oscillator used, so that both notes can be heard simultaneously?
You might say "you can't hear the difference because it's the same note", but keep in mind that the waveform could be sawtooth and the two notes are not necessarily in phase.
How is this special case handeled in synthesizers?


Any suggestions?!?!  ;D
So although it doesn't work (that is, pressing keys or twisting knobs has no effect) with Analog Lab V and Pigments 4 in standalone mode, it works perfectly within Live. I have the correct keyboard selected in the standalone programs (see attached). Am I missing something? I have 'Arturia' selected as the program on the keyboard.
MiniFreak - Technical Issues / Re: Minifreak not tuning on
« Last post by Hohobob on June 15, 2023, 01:54:53 am »
Did you ever get this resolved? I’m having the same issue.
MiniFreak - Technical Issues / Re: Frozen on “Minifreak” logo
« Last post by Hohobob on June 15, 2023, 01:53:50 am »
Yes, I sent a support message, just waiting to hear back. I was using the most current firmware.
Last night it was working just fine. Today just that screen.
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