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Title: V Collection 9 issue: plugins display as white box if opened on a 2nd monitor
Post by: NA on June 04, 2022, 05:59:15 pm
I have just upgraded from V Collection 8 to V Collection 9 and I am getting this crazy issue. Windows 11 running Ableton Live 11 Intro (with its Enable HiDPI mode turned off, if that makes any difference). Any Arturia plugin will not reopen if it was previously closed whilst placed on the second monitor - it appears as a white box and the graphics are not drawn. Strangely, clicking near the plugin's menu area (top left) drops down the resize options, but clicking X (top right) to close the plugin crashes Ableton and the session has to be terminated. The Arturia plugins will only reopen reliable and be drawn correctly if they are always kept on the primary monitor.