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Title: Windows Screen Capture?
Post by: Shino on March 25, 2021, 12:07:54 am
I was wondering what Windows 7 users were using for screen capture software (with audio)?

I have Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture SP2.  This captures the screen including the audio fine when using something like Firefox, but when I try to capture the screen and sound using software like Arturia's Oberheim SEM V in standalone or as a VST inside FL Studio I get an error that states that the "Selected audio source... is used by other application or is in conflict with other recording devices.  Please disable this source or any other recording devices (microphone or line in) and retry ( ("

Could anyone please explain how to get around this using Microsoft Expression or recommend a free software that will allow me to capture the screen and sound output from a synth?  It would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  (In this instance I'd like to capture an Oberheim SEM bug)...
Title: Re: Windows Screen Capture?
Post by: utdgrant on March 27, 2021, 03:25:38 pm
I use OBS Studio whenever I want to record videos from my Windows desktop. I found that it was impossible to get sound into OBS when using ASIO drivers. Instead, I use the Primary DX Driver (within my DAW - Reason 11 - or in the stand-alone instrument's Audio / MIDI settings). This has the unfortunate side-effect of vastly increasing latency, but if you pre-record MIDI rather than play in real-time then that's not an issue.

Here's an example ( I recorded for my YouTube channel using Solina V and Modular V (patched together using Reason).